Weekly sessions on Sundays @ 7 pm 

Sound bath is a form of deep relaxation with the sounds and vibration of gongs, singing bowls and other ethnic instruments. It is an effortless way to enter meditation state and to relax. This practice gives us not only a chance to relax and contemplate, but also can result in many health benefits. 

All equipment is provided yoga studio: yoga mats, bolsters, blankets, eye pillows & cushions. For extra comfort you can bring a single duvet or folded mat. Please wear comfortable but warm clothes. Session duration 75 min. No previous experience is needed.

Cost: €15 (must be booked in advance, places are limited)

Click here to book or text 0851386529


Sunday 24th of November @ 4pm-6 pm

Ceremonial grade cacao is a high vibrational superfood, loaded with antioxidants, magnesium & minerals which flood the body with nutrition, but it also has molecules (anandamide & phenylethylamine) which are natures' own 'anti-depressants' that release feelings of love and bliss that people often experience from cacao. This cacao is a safe ally to help deepen your meditation experience and also deepen your connection with yourself.

Once we have shared the cacao, Karen will lead a short meditation to help you settle into your space, before Kasia will bring the group through a beautiful sound relaxation using singing bowls and gongs.

Sound is a powerful healer and just by listening to these sounds, your brain can easily move to the Theta state which can awaken more awareness, intuition and bring more balance and harmony into your life.

Cost: €35

To find out more visit

Click here to contact Karen 


Wednesdays 10.15 am-11.15 am
(must be booked at least one evening before the event)

For beginners and experienced meditators. Start your day with a clear and focused mind, kindness and compassion in your heart. With the help of the group sits, establish your meditation routine and find your balance for the rest of the day.
It involves short introduction for beginners, some guided meditation with the help of gentle sounds of singing bowls, and space for silent meditation.

Cost: €35 for 4 weeks or drop-in €10

To book text Sound Magic Ireland 0851386529 


Mondays 7.15 pm-8.15 pm
(must be booked at least one evening before the event)

Guided meditation evenings. We will practice sitting meditation, using different anchors for our concentration, and self discovery.

Focusing on

  • the breath
  • sensations in the body- so called body scan
  • meditation with the singing bowls
  • silient meditation

This session is open for everyone. There will be a short introduction for anyone who is new to meditation.

Cost: €10 (it is nesesry to let me know if you would like to join us. There may be no session if there is no interest, as I am coming from Mayo. Please text me an evening before.) 

To book text Sound Magic Ireland 0851386529 

ACUPUNCTURE WITH SOUND RELAXATION- group session focused on treating stress, insomnia, and more.

Tuesday, the 03rd of December @ 7 pm- 8.30 pm

Experience this powerful combination of acupuncture with the deeply relaxing effects of the sounds of planetary gongs and singing bowls.

Combining the benefits of Sound Healing & Acupuncture to support body & mind.

These practices are well known for their healing capacity in the face of chronic pain, insomnia, stress, low energy and countless other ailments.

Both practices aim to promote and restore the balance of energy which flows throughout the body, the benefits of which extend to a wide variety of conditions & boost your well-being.

Cost: €50 limited to 6 people

to book text 0851386529 or click here


14th of December 2pm-6pm 

“Touch comes before sight before the speech. It is the first language and the last, and it always tells the truth.”

Margaret Atwood.

We long to weave meaningful connections into our lives. Conscious Touch brings an opportunity to transform that longing into a sense of belonging. Human Touch has the power to fill us with a sense of deep wellbeing. When we Touch, we experience an authentic, embodied the understanding that we are not separate.

We live in an era of technology and instant connections, yet many feel isolated and out of Touch. The result is a society of Touch hungry people who feel increasingly uncomfortable reaching out to one another in physically meaningful ways.

Giving and receiving conscious Touch builds trust and resilience within relationships. It is vital to develop respectful and appropriate boundaries while also learning to allow the Touch that nurtures our health, relationships and our spirits.

This introductory half-day workshop teaches :

  • Visualisation meditation techniques 
  • Movement practices for the embodiment
  • Practical ways to receive and offer conscious Touch
  • Techniques for voicing your boundaries with others 

Practising Conscious Touch will help you:

  • Enliven your senses
  • Feel more comfortable in your own skin
  • Awaken and embody the loving, empathic presence
  • Experience the restorative power of being held
  • Stop, listen and communicate your needs
  • Receive the gift of conscious Touch
  • Enrich your relationships

cost €65

Contact Rae Lunt email or find out more on FB event link


Starting 6th of January 2020

@ 7 pm- 8.30 pm

The programme focuses on managing stress, anxiety, and chronic pain, so it can be very beneficial for those who are looking for an effective tool to deal with it.
No experience needed. Beginner friendly, experienced meditators also welcome
Mindfulness has been proven to have many benefits, one of which is stress and anxiety reduction, improving sleep, managing difficult emotions, and helping to manage chronic pain.

Cost: €180 (6*90 min mindfulness sessions and sound relaxation, workbook, printed materials, recorded guided practices, digital version of 2 relaxation CDs)

To find out more about our course
 click here or email


Starting on Tuesday the 7th of January 2020

@ 7pm- 8.30 pm

Whether you are planning a home birth, hoping for natural birth without interventions, have planned C- section, or prefer medications for pain management during your childbirth this course will help you find peace with unexpected situations, manage fear and anxiety related to your childbirth and funture challanges that parenhood brings, help have more fulfilling and present experience of your birth, and assist you with all those changes in your life and body that come after you bring your baby home. 

You will learn mindfulness-based pain management, managing fear, anxiety and learning about the role of relaxation during childbirth. Some very specific massage techniques will be introduced for childbirth as well. 

Research proving mindfulness is a fantastic and very beneficial tool for childbirth, reducing greatly need for interventions, and medication, reducing pain, fear, and have a very positive effect on mental state during the post-natal period. 

Cost: €390 per couple, €300 for a single mum (8*90 min sessions, printed materials, recorded guided practices, digital version of 2 relaxation CDs)

To find out more about our course click here or email


Monday, the 18th, 25th of November, 2nd, 9th of December 2019

@10.30am -11.30am

Short simple playful fun exercises that lead to Laughter for no reason. The body responds and lights up physically, mentally and emotionally.

Some of the benefits: 

  • Increases feelings of well-being, and feel-good hormones like endorphins
  • Increases energy and boosts immunity
  • Reduces stress, blood pressure and depression
  • Increases feelings of relaxation and bliss
  • Makes you more attractive and communicative

Rates: drop- in: €12

To book contact Fou Scarf at 0877027833


Saturday 07th of December @ 10am-1 pm

Introductory workshop to the ancient art of self healing through movement with Shaolin practitioner and long-time established Tai Chi teacher Colin Dempsey.

Everyone is welcome, no experience is required. Regardless if you are completely new to it or you practice some form of Tai Chi, or Qi Gong already.
Those exercises are gentle yet powerful, and result in many health physical and mental benefits, regardless of your age or physical abilities.

  • Qi Gong Basics ,Shaolin Qi Gong /Medical Qi Gong 
  • Theory and Questions session led by Shaolin Practitioner Colin Dempsey .
  • Meditation
  • Breathing Exircices

Cost: €40

Contact Colin Dempsey 0863298392                          or visit FB Page here 



Available for booking from Monday to Thursday @ 10.15 am-11.15 am

Stress has some common characteristics for all of us, but our resilience to stress and response to different kinds of relaxation practices is unique for each of us. By working with you privately and being able to observe and measure your reactions with GSR, we will be able to find the most proper tools for you to manage your stress levels. Galvanic Skin Response device will measure your responses to stress, tracking your progress in meditation. It also gives me insight into your response to different forms of stress management tools, and shows you progress that you will be making with your daily practice. 

Mindfulness has been proven to help manage stress and anxiety, reduce panic attacks episodes or even help to free from them forever. It has significant benefits for people suffering from chronic pain, helping to manage pain and reduce sensations of pain through working with fears and habitual responses of our mind and body.

 A few of the proven benefits of mindfulness: 

  • Increased self-awareness
  • Pain management
  • Enhanced health
  • Decreased stress & anxiety
  • Reduction and skilful management of panic attacks episodes
  • Increased sense of calm
  • Improved sleep
  • Skilful responses to difficult emotions
  • Increased empathy and understanding of others
  • Improved impulse control
  • Increased appreciation for life
  • Better listening skills and compassionate communication with others
  • Improving relationships

 Cost: €50 per session (6 sessions recommended to cover the whole programme)

For details contact Kasia Slabon 0851386529,


We offer a complete package for corporate events. So if you care about the well-being of your staff you can book us for 1 or 2 h session, or regular weekly programme depending on your schedule. 

We'll guide you to understand the mechanics of stress and give your people skills and ideas how to deal with it in the work environment. Our recommendations are based on research on  neuroscience and mindfulness. 

And of course we'll get everyone relaxed with our wonderful sound bath, so you'll leave rejuvenated. 

We also offer yoga classes and chair yoga routine for lunch time stretch. 

We also travel on request to your chosen location.

For more information email

or see our page here SoundMagicIreland

Contact us:

+353 85 138 6529


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